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2023 Aviary Renovations

For the year of 2023 we will be focusing on the interior of our aviary and will work solely on the floors. Currently there is a very textured cement pour with cattle drains and our project this year is to fill the drains to even out the surface of the floor and smooth its texture. The textured floors make it more difficult to thoroughly sweep and maintain cleanliness but the cattle drains are no longer needed in this structure since this is no longer used for livestock.

We have already paid the work deposit of half which is a total of $857.00, which not only secures our work order for the cement pour but also allows the contractor to purchase the pallet of cement needed to fill the cattle drains.

Filling the drains will be the first step of the process and after the cement is fully cured the Epoxy pour will follow. We chose a durable Flake Epoxy for our aviary floors, the first Epoxy application will be on the unused side of the Aviary to prepare for new arrivals this year and in the upcoming years ahead. Remember our aviary is one building but it is separated by a wall which makes it a 2 sided interior.

We look forward to posting updates and "Before/After" pictures of the renovations soon!!

As always thank you so much to "Unique Epoxy Creations" for taking on this project for us and Thank you to all of our followers for the continued love and support for our flock and our efforts towards their wellbeing.

Company- Unique Epoxy Creations

# (810) 263-7883

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