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Since 2018, our privately owned Parrot Sanctuary has been dedicated to caring for and promoting the rights of exotic birds through numerous initiatives.
Our main goal is to educate and improve the treatment of exotic birds in captivity and to provide a forever safe haven, for those in need. 



As an independently owned and operated Parrot Sanctuary, our projects and campaigns are recognized primarily in Frankenmuth, MI. But also within the Tri-City area. We work to unite people of all ages and backgrounds who share in the belief of a world where animals are free from cruel and inhumane treatment. We strive to better educate the public of avian wellbeing, prevent impulse buys and to advocate for captive parrots worldwide. We are best known for providing a forever home within our sanctuary for parrots in need. 
Christiane’s Exotic Parrotdise is family owned and operated. Offering a united, amplified voice through our work & supporters for Avian welfare.  




All of our flock members are cared for according to their individual medical and/or social needs. 
We are dedicated to stepping up our Rehabilitation efforts, which is by no means an easy feat. But through cooperation and community involvement, we believe we can facilitate progress in this area.

Our flock is routinely checked by Dr. VanDaele and his team at Animal Alley Veterinary hospital located in Saginaw, MI.



With our mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies to make our Rescue efforts more effective. And to make our permanent residents as happy as they possibly can be while accommodating others birds in need. This is centered around providing a spacious and interactive and stimulating environment for our flock members. We are constantly renovating our facility to better improve our aviary and expand throughout our 20 acre property. 
This includes cage & structural upgrades, providing toys and enrichments and constructing new and improved in/outdoor aviaries. Paired with Proper nutrition and medical care. 

Click on the link below to learn about our renovation process.